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Lime Creek Watershed

Lime Creek Watershed

Lime Creek is a 27,039 acre, sub-watershed of the Cedar River, in western Buchanan County with its outflow in northwest Benton County approximately 25 miles from Cedar Rapids. The lower one-half of the 16 mile stream was on the final 2004 Iowa list of Section 303(d) Impaired Waters. The cause/stressor was identified as biological, potentially flow alteration, habitat modification, nutrients and/or siltation.

Iowa Rivers Revival

In 2017, Richard Sloan helped Buchanan County Conservation and Buchanan County Extension present the Iowa Rivers Revival classes to become Master River Stewards. Standing in his harvested wheat field, Richard described the benefits of a three crop rotation to fellow participants

Other News from Lime Creek

Lime Creek Watershed is part of the Middle Cedar River project and currently encourage farmers to work with them if they are interested.

Middle Cedar River Project

Lime Creek was recently recognized by Iowa DNR and US EPA for success in keeping our endangered mussels protected.

Mussels Return To Lime Creek

Richard Sloan, of Lime Creek Watershed, was a guest columnist for The Gazette, and describe success with his soil health program.

Farmers Reap Dividends From a New View of Soil