Farmers Of Mill Creek Watershed Council

Central Wisconsin, Mill Creek Watershed

On June 25, 2016 members, friends, farmers, and conservationists gathered to learn about soil and water conservation practices in Mill Creek watershed. Visitors saw heritage tractors and equipment prepare the soil and plant conservation buffer strips along waterways leading to Mill Creek. They also learned about cover crops and cover cropping techniques.

The event was hosted by: Farmers of Mill Creek Watershed Council. Tillage and planting demonstrations and heritage equipment display were provided by: Rudolph Old Tractor Club, Glacier Ridge Tractor Club, Sherry Tired Iron, and Rosholt Area Threshermen, Inc. Collaborators: UW-Extension, Portage County; Portage County Land and Water Conservation Division; and Wood County Land and Water Conservation Department.

Farmers of Mill Creek Watershed Council came together because they care about the soil, water, and farmers. Their ultimate goal is to be stewards of environmental sustainability and to demonstrate that farmers are conservation leaders who care about land and water and are doing everything they can to take care of it.